Friday, September 11, 2009

Tribbett sent out this retweet today:
rt @AdamRhew USCG exercise on Potomac on 9/11 is prime example of govt folks being "in the bubble" and forgetting what reg. ppl would think

So Tribbett thinks that our military is full of "govt folks" who aren't "regular people". The Coast Guard does this same routine training mission four times a week, and the only reason why this was a big deal is because CNN got the story completely wrong.

Talk about living in a bubble.

Fucking idiot.

Monday, September 7, 2009

It Just Hit Me

Ben Tribbett.

Virginia's own "liberal" version of Glenn Beck.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Ben Tribbett = Greg Letiecq

Yesterday Ben Tribbett wrote a post saying that he is removing BVBL from his blogroll because of content. Apparently Greg Letiecq, the main (only?) author at BVBL, put up a post about a guard dog for sale who has nothing left to do because there are no more illegal immigrants in the neighborhood.

He also put up a video that shows ordinary citizens criticizing Corey Stewart because of his close association with Greg.

Right before that post was an entry about Mark Warner sponsoring Not Larry Sabato for the 08 election season. My entry about nobody wanting Ben around is apparently wrong, because I guess Mark Warner does.

So my question is, if Corey Stewart can be attacked for his association with Greg Letiecq, why doesn't that same standard apply to any politician that associates with Ben?

Ben has truly written some disgusting shit on his blog which would make anyone cringe. I'll throw one out there, and see if you can come up with other Ben Tribbett hall of fame posts:

Falsely accusing a school board candidate of sexual harassment based on a frivolous lawsuit and embarrassing an apparently honorable man running for School Board.

Does this post not "cross the line from a political statement, to comments that are not a joke, not funny, and are totally unacceptable to make"?

Feel free to email hall of fame posts to or put them directly in the comments, and then hold Leslie Byrne and Mark Warner accountable for supporting this garbage.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Ben Tribbett? Oh, he's not wanted.

Sorry about the lack of posts lately, you can blame Ben for that. Apparently he's too busy with his new "job" to write anything completely insane and outrageous.

Anyway, I've been thinking lately about how no one really wants Ben around, even if Ben is a fervent supporter of that person, candidate, or organization.

Everyone knows Ben is a borderline stalker of Hillary Clinton, and word on the street is that the Clinton campaign welcomes bloggers who support Hillary and tries to bring them into the campaign as much as possible. They even let blogs use an official Hillary Clinton graphic. Did Ben ever have one on his website? Nope. Seems the Clinton campaign really wanted nothing to do with him.

Tribbett has removed "the official transition office of Leslie Byrne" from his website. I guess Leslie didn't want to have anything "official" to do with Ben Tribbett.

Over on RK there was a post about bloggers being "embedded" at the DNC convention, with a link to Chris Cilliza's blog. Chris lists blogs from all 50 states that would be a welcome addition to the would think "the most widely read tabloid blog in Virginia" would be on that list. But Not Larry Sabato was nowhere to be found.

Another post on RK had a ton of pictures from a Leslie Byrne fundraiser, and where else would Ben be other than at this fundraiser giving her a piggy back ride. Tons of pictures were posted. Not one of Ben or with Ben in it. And you know you can't miss that fat piece of crap.

No one wants Ben around. No one.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Flashback: Ben is a Racist

It started out with chain emails.

Then the Tennessee Republican Party did it. Which was repudiated. By Republicans.
(Republican) Gov. Phil Bredesen today called an anti-Sen. Barack Obama press release from the Tennessee Republican Party “offensive” and said it showed “prejudice.”
Now a respected national conservative talk show host has done it.
He [McCain] also said that it was not appropriate to invoke Mr. Obama’s middle name in the course of the campaign.

“I absolutely repudiate such comments,” [McCain] said. “It will never happen again.”
Via Raising Kaine, there is another blog posting about it.
Don't insult your intelligence or mine by pretending that John McCain's plan for this race doesn't rely on hundreds of Cunninghams -- large and small -- across the country, and the RNC and all the GOP third party groups, to be peddling this stuff nonstop for the next eight months because it's the only way John McCain have a real shot at contesting this race.
Ben Tribbett seems to fit perfectly into the "small Cunningham" description that the author is talking about, but I bet he never thought that group would include fellow "Democrats" as well.

Ben Tribbett has Problems

In what is sure to go down as one of the most idiotic moves since running his sorry ass down to the post office to "investigate" a Tom Davis appearance there, Ben "Not Larry Sabato" Tribbett has gone down to Richmond to stalk legislators hanging out in a hotel room. What exactly does he hope to accomplish? And updating his website to let everyone know there is not one, not two, but THREE, count them THREE newspapers outside that door in the morning....those are some mighty fine investigative skills. That must mean there is some real nefarious stuff going on in there. As one comment said:

Dude....are you mad that they won't let you in or are you mad that they're smoking?

Do you know which party started all this stuff?...I can tell you don't. I guess you've never been to Del. Vic Thomas' poker game in the Holiday Inn.

Also, I wouldn't try to get into the basement of the Commonwealth Club if I were you....they'll bounce you out onto Franklin Street.

There are probably 10 more of these kinds of "illegal" gatherings you can't get invited to.

Ben, people are laughing AT you, not with you.